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People Counting Systems: Count your Visitors, Customers, Passengers Electronically

Counting People in Buildings: Museums, Shopping Centres, Casinos, Airports

In the people counting field, our clients are casinos, shopping centres, stores, airports, and museums. Their paramount concern, besides accuracy, is aesthetics.

Our products must be invisible to your patrons.

This is why we offer customization options that permit installing counting sensors that look as though they are part of the original design of the room and/or door. We work very hard to come up with concealment solutions that make our equipment blend in with the background. More >>>







Counting Passengers in Vehicles: Buses, Light Rail, Trains, Subways

Counting passengers in vehicles is a unique challenge: we have little control over light conditions, vibration or movement. Moreover, the high number of vehicle types creates widely varied environments where we need to install working equipment.

Counting in vehicles also requires tracking the vehicle on the road. We have developped a highly accurate system accompanied with automated data transfer tools and GPS-based tracking applications. Our automatic passenger counting system tells you not only how many people boarded the vehicle, but WHERE and WHEN they did. More >>>


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